Progressive. Groundbreaking. Innovative.

These core virtues are what sets property development company Stitch apart from the rest. Offering both residential and commercial projects, Stitch is more than just creative property development – it’s about challenging the norm and thinking outside the box.

Delivering beyond return on investment and expectations, Stitch presents an enviable lifestyle – each project has been thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed.

As a growing company, Stitch is already looking to expand its diverse portfolio of projects to include childcare centres and sporting complexes as ways to benefit, and give back to, its local communities. From inner-city residential developments and commercial projects to luxury homes and subdivisions in regional growth areas, Stitch raises the bar in property development by creating high quality, unique living spaces that dare to be different but will also stand the test of time.


Director Andy Chiang has a progressive view when it comes to property development. He believes in creating innovative and vibrant residential and commercial projects that set the benchmark in design, livability and functionality.

Mr Chiang earned a Bachelor Degree in Regional and Town Planning from the University of Queensland before relocating to Melbourne to study Architecture and Interior Design at RMIT. While heading up Stitch, Mr Chiang is also completing a double degree in Architecture and Construction Management at Deakin University. He will also complete his Masters and PhD in this field.

Mr Chiang says Stitch represents a fusion of expertise, ideas and innovation to create one united and cohesive development front.

“Stitch is about bringing people with different expertise and ideas together to form one innovative company. I created Stitch to make my dream of creating beautiful, innovative projects a reality. I want to make a difference by helping to create a sustainable and bright future for communities through dynamic, groundbreaking projects that challenge the norm and deliver quality above and beyond all expectations.”

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